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Creating the right
Estate Plan
to protect your family and assets

For most people, Estate Planning involves having your will drawn and drafting related powers of attorney. 

Think about the purpose of the will -- it determines who will get your assets at your death.  Therefore, the attorney will need to know what your assets are and who you want to leave them to. 

These are the two broad categories, and there are details in each that need to be shared with the attorney.  So you need to be prepared to tell your attorney whom you wish to receive your assets and what those assets might be.

Setting goals that met your financial and legal needs

With her practical experience and legal expertise, Kathleen can guide you through the complex estate planning process and help you craft a plan that meets your particular needs.

During your consultation, Kathleen will work with you to determine exactly what goals you hope to accomplish. She will then work to see that those goals are met in the most effective way possible, by structuring a plan that covers all critical personal, financial, business and tax issues.